Topsoil on big bag in Aix en Provence

Provence Paysages Méditerranée proposes to you topsoil screened and enriched packaged on 1m3 big bags for your creations of turf, flower beds or vegetable garden.

The big bag allow to store your topsoil or to pass over a wall and thus be deposited in previously inaccessible locations!

Pricing for big bag of topsoil screened and compost enriched.

Price tax incl for big bag of sifted topsoil and compost enriched departing from our nursery in big-bag drainable.

If you do not want to drain them (and so keep them), a supplement of the value of big-bag is expected in the range of 15 €, or in a forme of a deposit allowing you to recover this sum by bringing back the bags in good condition when you have emptied them.

Delivery possible in all Bouches du Rhône (13), Var (83), Vaucluse (84) ...

and all of the PACA region on request: 0622879932

or by clicking below

Big Bag Topsoil Aix en Provence