Lawn grass rolls sale in Aix en Provence

Find turf rolls near Aix en Provence

Because it is not easy to have naturally a great lawn, we slected for you the mediterranean lawn rolls.

We offer the choice of grass roll for your garden near Aix en Provence and its surroundings.

These are 2.50 m long and 0.40 m wide for a weight of roughly 18 kg:

Lawn rolls Aix En Provence

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Sun of ProvenceThe lawn rolls give you the insurrance of:

  • Resistance to the heat of summers in Provence
  • Resistance to trampling
  • Resistance to strong sunshine

Indeed, a turf that is not adapted to the Mediterranean climate will not grow properly.

The grass in rolls: Ready in a flash!Turf rolls ready in a flash

Available within 48 to 72 hours after your order, the turf roll can be set up all year except for periods of heat wave during which the turf is thirsty or in case of strong frost where the roots will have difficulty to penetrate the ground.

For a use adapted to the hot and dry climate, we recommend the Mediterranean grass roll.
For a large area or a small garden for low maintenance whether watering and mowing, it's the perfect lawn

Composed mainly of fescue ultra resistant to drought and trampling, turf is grown for 1 year in sod farm on a silty substrate ensuring optimal rooting in your garden.

You do not have to be a emeritus gardener to set up rolls measuring one square meter and weighing more or less 18 kg.

The strips must be laid with touching edges, staggered or not and tightened to the maximum.
For cuts a simple knife is enough. You can use the cut pieces because with the grass in roll, nothing is lost!

Turf rolls available for the best quality/price rapport:

And for a total success of your turf rolls, use our topsoil and our soil improvers!

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